Palestinian teen killed 200 wounded at Gaza border clashes

17 year old teenager, Bilal Khafaja was shot in the chest, and 210 others were wounded at a weekly protest on the Gaza – Israel border on Friday. 45 of them were injured by Israeli fire, including a medic.

Since Gazans have begun holding weekly protest from 30 March. 173 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army, and thousands have been wounded. Over the same period one Israeli soldier has  been killed by Gaza sniper.

Palestinian teen killed 200 wounded at Gaza border clashes

According to Israeli military statement, its aircrafts targeted two Hamas posts after grenade was thrown, which damaged security infrastructure.

Gaza Border clash

The protests are due to the prospect for an independent state for Palestinians, since the peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians have been halted for several years. The protesters are also demanding that Palestinian refugees should be allowed to return to their homes which they fled in the 1948 war.

Israel blames Hamas for intentionally provoking violence. Hamas denies this charge.

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