PepsiCo To Introduce Canned Water in The US

PepsiCo is soon to introduce canned water in the US in the fight against plastic use.

Plastic use has caused havoc all across the globe. Now there is a marathon against the plastic use. The world is going crazy and coming up with new alternate environmental friendly substance.

PepsiCo To Introduce Canned Water

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PepsiCo has announced in 2020 the beverages will be available in more sustainable packaging.

  • Aluminum cans for Aquafina
  • LIFEWTR in 100% recycled bottles
  • Bubly sparkling water will no longer be available in plastic

The company PepsiCo has said its Aquafina water is being supplied in Aluminum cans at restaurants and food service outlets as a market test strategy. Later the cans will be sold in the grocery stores and supermarkets.

The company by doing so expects to reduce more than 8,000 tons of virgin plastic use. It also estimated to reduce the emission of 11,000 metric tons of greenhouse gas.

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PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Ramon Laguarta said in a statement.

Tackling plastic waste is one of my top priorities and I take this challenge personally, “As one of the world’s leading food and beverage companies, we recognize the significant role PepsiCo can play in helping to change the way society makes, uses, and disposes of plastics. We are doing our part to address the issue head-on by reducing, recycling and reinventing our packaging to make it more sustainable, and we won’t stop until we live in a world where plastics are renewed and reused.

Stacy Taffet, Vice President Water portfolio for PepsiCo said

“We are really excited to evolve our packaging across PepsiCo’s water portfolio to make a positive impact,” 

By 2025 PepsiCo hopes to make 100% of its packaging recyclable, compostable or biodegradable. They will only use 25% of recycled plastic content in all its plastic packaging.

However, a report by Bloomberg  The only true eco-friendly way to consume water is to drink it from the tap.

Such measures are little better than plastic and shouldn’t be done at all. Canned water is a marginal improvement over bottled water.

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