PIA flight PK-750 AC failed, infant suffocates [Video]

There’s always a justification for PIA no matter it’s about transporting cocaine or Air conditioned fails to work – Pakistan International Airlines never stops surprising us.

PIA’s Flight PK-750 faced a 2 hours 39 minutes delay at Paris International Airport,  the passengers were locked inside the airplane without air conditioning. A video surfaced on Facebook that shows a crying mother urging the PIA staff to open the door as her one-month-old infant was suffocating.

The flight which was scheduled to depart from Paris at 9 pm on Aug 3  was delayed for 2 hours and 39 minute with NO AC passenger suffocated meanwhile

“For God’s sake, tell the man to open the door,” the woman urged the plane staff. However, the staff refused to open the door.

The security staff can be heard replying, “If it was in my control, I would have done that. The airport staff is responsible for this problem. They are the handling agents. Until a new flight plan is designed, the plane cannot take off.”

PIA Spokesman Mashood Tajwar issued a statement on Wednesday that investigation into the incident is underway.


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