Pink donates $500,000 to Australian fire services

The Australia wildfires are getting out of control and the country is in a major crisis. Pink announced on both Instagram and Twitter that she will be donating “$500,000 directly to the local fire services that are battling so hard on the frontlines.”. Pink donates this money in an effort to help the firefighters and encourage more people to donate.

Pink donates

Pink, for those who don’t know is an American singer, songwriter and an actress who has sold millions of records.

These are the posts she made on Instagram and Twitter.

Pink donates half a million to Australian Fire Services.
Pink donates half a million to Australian Fire Services.

In her posts to Instagram and Twitter, she also mentioned the local fire stations and their web pages for donations so more people will be encouraged to help.

The Australia wildfires started in September and only seem to be getting worse day and day and these wildfires have taken at least 23 lives.

Also, an estimated 500 million animals have died in the wildfires and the fires are turning into a global climate disaster. The New Zealand Glaciers are turning black and skies in Australia have gone red orange.

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