Improvised pipe bomb defused near Colombo International Airport

COLOMBO: An Improvised pipe bomb was found and safely defused near Colombo International Airport earlier today.

“A PVC pipe which was six feet in length containing explosive was discovered.” – Airforce Spokesperson Gihan Seneviratne

pipe bomb defused near International Airport

A device was found by Air Force personnel on a routine patrol and was safely defused after the Airport was put on lockdown.

The Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence announced an island-wide curfew immediately after the eight explosions rocks High-end luxury hotels and Churches on Easter Sunday.

At least 200 people are dead and 550 are injured as eight deadly suicide attacks in various Hotels and Churches on Sunday.

So far, No one has claimed the responsibility.

Sri Lankan police have arrested 7 suspects involved in Easter Sunday deadly attacks.

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The rising concerns on the security of the Luxury Hotels puts a question mark on Sri Lankan authorities.

What do we know so far about Sri Lankan Terror Attack?

  • Eight explosions
  • most of them suicide blasts
  • 262 dead
  • 452 injured
  • 39 foreigners among the dead
  • 13 suspects arrested
  • Social Media blocked
  • Curfew imposed from 18:00 – 06:00
  • Nobody claimed the responsibility yet

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