PM Modi Trolled Cloudy Airstrikes and Digital Camera

INDIA: PM Modi is trolled over cloudy airstrikes and digital camera on social media.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is being mocked by opposition and Indian Public for going ahead with airstrike in Pakistan.

His lack of knowledge made him believe the cloudy airstrikes will help Indian Air-force avoid radar detection.

PM Modi is being laughed at for his radar expertise.

In a televised interview PM Modi said he used his raw intelligence to figure it out that clouds will hinder radar detection.  

This man is an incredible liar, digital camera in 1988, email in Mumbai in 1988. Man says whatever comes to his head.

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I missed this gem from the Modi’s clouded interview. Modi claims that he had a digital camera in 1987-88 and an email account in 1988. He even sent a color photo as an email attachment within India in 1988 too. Via

Cloudy Modi

We have a new radar expert in the country – Radarendra Modi.

I will not mock Modi ji on the digital camera or email bit. If in 88/89 a poor chaiwalla with NO Money could afford this “luxury “, then imagine the transformation shree Rajiv Gandhi ji got. All you #Chowkidar ‘s please vote Congress

This is the reason why Imran Khan wants Modi to win

After being trolled as Cloudy Modi, he was trolled for using internet way back in 1988. He also said he was using email in 1988.

The PM Modi also claims that he was the first person to use digital camera in 1988. A clip of his interview has been going viral on social media.

As per reports all of India went online on August 15, 1995, when Videsh Sanchar Nigam Limited (VSNL) launched public Internet access in India.

Economist Rupa Subramanya Tweeted

In 1988, even in the developed west, email was available to a few academics and scientists but Modi somehow used it in 1988 in India before it was officially introduced to the rest of us in 1995.

One mocked PM Modi being far sighted scientist

Our beloved PM @narendramodi is far Sighted Scientist. Before Internet came to India he sent E-Mail Produced Gas from Dirty Nala to make Chai Carried Gas in Tube on Cycle Nobel Winner for Discovering Reason on Global Warming Cloud Covering Radar for Airstrikes

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