The Purpose of PM Sharif’s Visit to India

Recently Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif visited India, which has raised many questions in an ordinary Pakistanis mind. What was he thinking when he accepted the invitation from Indian Prime Minister Modi?

PM Sharif is well aware of the consequences when United States troops exits from Afghanistan, he knows US doesn’t trust Pakistan much due to double play role in Afghan war.Pakistan Map

No matter what the US Government says, but they always do what’s in there own favor. They really don’t care what will happen to Pakistan once they pull troops out of Afghanistan. Pak Army and Pakistani Government has to face the aftermath consequences, the intensity of being lonely on the Afghan border, simply  – Pakistan cannot afford any mess with India specially these two years over Kashmir Issue, since Afghan forces are being trained by Indian Army and nearly around 12 Indian Air bases exists in Afghanistan already, which clears that on the globe India is not just on one side but its covering Pakistan from both ends.



The Emerging need of re-shuffling in relations comes handy when one knows what does the both sides control means. While Pakistan is already suffering from Tehreek e Taliban Pakistan ( TTP ) and other Militant organisations which are de-stabilizing the country, Pakistan needs time to finish that  business in Tribal belt  ( FATA ) story before engaging back in Kashmir issue.

PM Sharif, went to India and all the peace gesture of releasing the Fishermen etc.. was just to show ! Hey buddy hang on… let me straighten things back at home before we start the KASHMIR ROUND of Wrestling again.

PM Sharif surely would be looking for time to get things settled here back in Pakistan – Rest the Peace Gesture and invitation making history blah blah …… is Just Politics nothing else….

Pakistan needs time to recover from the wounds and strengthen itself to be prepared for upcoming challenges which are difficult for both leaderships .


You better read this : 

The creation of Anti-Pakistan Organisations are definitely backed by Indian Government / RAW agency, but Inter Service Intelligence ( ISI ) isn’t giving up at any cost, so this time Pakistan Army took a U Turn from Government Diplomatic way of resolving Waziristan ” Tribal Areas Issue “ and started heavy bombardment right on the pin point locations, because Pakistan Army is not looking forward to waste any time before the storm comes.

Weather you agree with me or not, The fall of this government seems like ” 1999 ” because Pakistan Army know they are well equipped and backed by friends like China If War comes home.

Pakistan Army is already fighting with Anti-Pakistan groups which also includes Balochistan NOT TO FORGET !!!

The BLA ( Balochistan Liberation Army ) is fully backed by India which clears the doubt why India wants to weaken Pakistan and break it once again like Bangladesh 1971.

Year 2015 is not going to be easy one for the South Asia, there are several Headlines and Deadlines ahead to come which will surely change your perception about current situation of this region. The need of more stronger relationship between the elected leadership and  Army seems to be already fading.


The Free Zone, Tribal Areas ” Free from any Army’s involvement, is it  gonna be in favor of the entire Pakistan so Pak Army wouldn’t let that happen at any cost.

POINT is FATA needs to be treated equally as other provinces.

US STOPPED DRONES – Because Pak Army  Gunship Helicopters / F-16 Jet fighters are doing the same job much more effective and destructive this time.



Pakistanis need to understand that Pak Army and Elected Leadership both aren’t on the same side but they are doing what’s in the favor of Pakistan, PM Sharif’s visit to India and no talks about Kashmir wasn’t surprising at all, because he must be well briefed by Chief of Army Staff before departure.

Things are the way they appear this is something we all need to understand apart from PM Sharif’s personal reservation with India,  Trade Business which isn’t in favor of this nation only to himself, If he makes any deal against Pakistan Army’s favor he would repeat the history once again.

What People of Pakistan want and expect from both countries is to be fair enough on Kashmir issue and getting referendum done under United Nation Security Council’s resolution.

Politics is something common man don’t understand because it’s more like Blues Music…  but what we must understand that we need to Unite ourselves and seek for the betterment of our motherland while supporting Pakistan Army and Criticizing Pakistani Government for any unwanted steps taken. – like importing Electricity from India in 2015 .  This is totally insane, Instead People of Pakistan would seek for the assistance from China and this is not mission impossible.

Just wait and watch how things gets turned in next 12 months, you might witness a total new scenario.

Long Live Pakistan !

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