Rayshard Brooks shot by white police officer, sparks new protest in Atlanta

ATLANTA: A white police officer shot dead a black man, Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta on Friday giving a rise to new wave of protest after killing George Floyd.

Rayshard Brooks was killed in the middle of the nationwide protest that spread globally to end the racism and the violence faced by the people for the color of their skin.

The incident occurred on Friday night in the parking lot of a Wendy’s off University Avenue, where the 27-year-old was shot dead by an Atlanta police officer. This killing has started a new wave of protest in Atlanta

Rayshard Brooks, is father to four children, who had just celebrated the birthday of his 8-year-old daughter earlier the same day he was shot in police struggle.

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Videos of the incident

Body-cam footage released by Atlanta police department show officers Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan approaching Brooks in his parked car and asking him to move it.

Brooks was questioned before going through series of test. The officer attempted to handcuff him which led to a scuffle, Brooks was hit with a taser and then shot.

Georgia Bureau of Investigation (GBI) said review of CCTV footage showed Rayshard Brooks fleeing after grabbing one of the officers tasers.

GBI also said officers chased Brooks on foot and during the chase he pointed taser at the officer. The officers fired his weapon then.

Video shot by a cell phone which appeared on social media showed shots were fired after Brooks ran away from the scene.

How the incident occurred

Some one complained to police about someone sleeping in parked vehicle in the restaurant’s drive through lane. It was causing other customers to drive around the car.

The police responded to the call and reached the location. They gave Rayshard Brooks a sobriety test, which he failed.

Brooks resisted arrest and succeeded in running away, unfortunately he was shot by the police officer in the back. he was shot and taken to hospital but did not survive.

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Protest – Wendy’s on fire

Protesters started gathering after Rayshard Brooks was shot, larger crowd gathered on Saturday which further escalated tensions.

Larger crowd congregated and surrounded the Wendy’s a fast food restaurant, the site of the incident. Glasses were shattered by some protesters and by night time the fast food eatery was set ablaze.

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