Being the Real Miley Cyrus

“When Katy does it, it’s cute. When Britney does it, it’s sexy. When Rihanna does it, it’s beautiful. When Gaga does it, it’s artistic. When Miley does it… it’s ******. She’s a *****. She’s lost her mind. She’s on drugs. She’s crying out for attention. She’s trying too hard.

I am absolutely disgusted by some of the things I’ve seen about Miley and her video for Wrecking Ball. There is nothing wrong with the video, and don’t even get me started on the VMA performance. I commend Miley for having the guts to make a flawless transition from being a child actor to an adult artist. Go her.

The people freaking out about this love to reference Hannah Montana. She’s not a little girl. She doesn’t want to have 10 year old fans anymore. All of the parents upset about this need to stop trying to make her censor herself. How about you start acting like a parents and censor what your children see? Why were your kids watching the VMA’s? It’s on MTV. Its target audience is not children, it’s young adults. My parents didn’t let me watch MTV until I was 14 because they didn’t want me watching Britney spears crawl around clad in nothing but shiny diamonds or see booties get low in a Lil Jon video.

People have the freedom of choice. It is Miley’s choice to twerk wherever she wants and have as much fun as she wants. She is a young woman who grew up in the spotlight, never able to mess up. It looks to me like her give a damn’s busted. She’s just being Miley, y’all. Leave her alone. You have a choice. You don’t like seeing her swinging around naked on a wrecking ball? That’s fine. There’s a little x on your browser that will make that go away. You don’t want your kids seeing it? Parental Control’s exist for a reason.
That is the peoples’ biggest issue, it’s inability to mind it’s own damn business. It’s inability to turn the cheek at things that don’t align with it’s beliefs. The constant pressure of pushing it’s beliefs and lifestyles on others. Just leave things alone that are not in any way causing you harm. You’ll be much happier.. and so will the people that you’re relentlessly trying to guilt or shame or belittle into being or doing what you believe is right.”

“I feel like I can really be myself,” … “I really have more of a connection of who I am, and I feel like I can maybe express that more in my music now.” – Miley Cyrus statement in her latest interview with TIME magazine.

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