Riyadh Attack: Three performers stabbed on stage in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia: Riyadh Attack – Three performers have been stabbed in Riyadh, capital city of Saudi Arabia.

The state TV has reported all three are in stable condition.

The foreign theater troupe was performing live in Riyadh in King Abdullah Park on Monday.

The attacker is identified as 33-year-old Yemeni. The footage shared on social media and state media show a man running on the stage while the musical performance is going on.

The videos shared on social media show a man in street clothes running onto stage and than falling down. Another video showed the attacker tumbling down from the stage while the performers fled the stage.

The three victims are all foreign nationals, two men and a woman.

The motive of the attack is not stablished as yet.

The police have arrested the man and sealed off the area.

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Saudi Press Agency quoted the media spokesperson Riyadh Police, Lt. Col. Shaker bin Sulaima Al-Tuwaijri who said the security forces dealt with the attacker. The attacker was immediately arrested and the police have also seized the weapon used in the attack.

He also said the injured performers are getting proper medical care..

The Kingdom is hosting a two month “Riyadh Season” entertainment festival. The King Abdullah Park is one of the venues hosting the festival.

Saudi Arabia has recently loosened the restriction in an effort to open up the society and diversify the economy.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman lifting the restrictions promoted entertainment previously banned in the Kingdom.

The entertainment authority plans to inject $64bn into the sector in a decade.

The liberals and conservatives are in a clash in the Kingdom.

These recent reforms on entertainment have gained popularity among the young population. This reform however could anger the religious leaders and the religious police as their powers have been shortened in recent years.

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