David Cameron has promised new powers for Scotland as 55% of the country voted to reject independence in a historic referendum.


However, he warned that it was now time for the “millions of voices of England must be heard”.


The Prime Minister was speaking outside No 10 after Scotland’s First Minister Alex Salmond accepted defeat. With all the votes in 55% of Scotland voted to stay in the Union while 44% voted in favour of independence.

Mr Cameron said the new powers he, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband had promised the Scottish people in the dying days of the referendum campaign would be “honoured in full”.


But he unveiled a substantial shake-up of powers for the whole of the UK suggesting new powers for Wales and Northern Ireland and greater influence for England’s MPs over English law.

He said work would start on a “full and fair settlement for all of the UK” in what will clearly be a shift towards a more federalist UK.

Speaking after the result became clear Mr Salmond, whose dream of breaking up the 307-year-old Union has been shattered, said: “I accept the verdict and expect all people to follow suit.”

He was quick to demand extra powers were delivered warning Mr Cameron: “Scotland will expect these to be honoured in rapid course.”

The leader of the No campaign Alistair Darling told people in Glasgow: “The silent have spoken.”

He said the vote, which saw a record 84% turnout, was a momentous day for the country, but urged Westminster politicians to listen to the people, who had called for change both in Scotland and the UK.


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