Seven Dead in Delhi protest during Trump visit – #DelhiBurning trending

Deadly protest has resulted in the death of seven people in Delhi over the controversial citizenship law during the first official visit of US President Donald Trump to the country.

Delhi Protest #DelhiBurning US President Trump India Muslims Hindu Protests
Delhi Protests kill seven. #DelhiBurning trending on Twitter.

So far seven people have died in the protests including one policeman and six civilians with some sources saying that the number of injured are more than a 100.

The violence has broke out in three Muslim majority areas of north east Delhi on Sunday and is still on going with clashes between the supporters and opposition of the new Citizenship Act law that was passed in India last year said to target India’s 200 million Muslims.

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The current violence taking place is said to have been caused after BJP leader threatened protesters staging sit-in against the CAA over the weekend and telling them tey would be forcibly removed after US President Trump’s visit.

Delhi Protests #DelhiBurning US President Trump India Muslims Hindu
Man being brutally beaten in Delhi Protest.

Protestors are throwing stones and setting vehicles on fire with both sides blaming each other for the violence.

Videos are surfacing on social media of harsh treatment of of Delhi police towards severely injured protesters lying on the ground.

#DelhiBurning trending on Twitter.

With some other videos showing Delhi police just standing by when one side of the protestors are gathering stones from the ground to throw at the opposing side.

#DelhiBurning trending on Twitter.

Other videos have also surfaced showing a man raising slogans of “Jayashreeram” claiming that he and his Hindu brothers have the help of Delhi police to put Muslims in their place.

#DelhiBurning trending on Twitter.
#DelhiBurning trending on Twitter.

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