Seven Kings Mosque Shooting: Police on Hunt for the gunman

LONDON: Police is on hunt for the masked gunman after Seven Kings Mosque Shooting in London on Thursday night.

The police have revealed the masked gunman was chased out of mosque by the brave worshippers.

Seven Kings Mosque Shooting No One Was Hurt

Member of Parliament for Ilford South  Mike Gapes has tweeted

I am relieved that no one was hurt in the shooting incident outside a mosque in Seven Kings in my constituency last night. Everyone should be able to pray and worship without fear. I encourage anyone with any information to contact the Police on 101

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The gunman fled the scene before the emergency crew arrived at the location about 10:40 pm at the Seven Kings mosque in Ilford, London

The police have carried out manhunt for the masked gunman.

Eyewitnesses have said the gunman was stopped from entering and returning back to the mosque by the worshippers before he fired a shot.

People were heard screaming “He has got a gun” “He has got a gun”

The worshippers are connecting the Seven Kings Mosque Shooting with the Christchurch Mosque shooting and labeling it a terror attack.

The police is however denying it was any sort of terror attack.

Mufti Suhail, imam of the Seven Kings Mosque has issued an statement:

“There have been various stories circulating in relation to a firearms incident that took outside Seven Kings Mosque tonight during the Taraweeh prayers, We would like to provide brief update on the incident based on the information we have so far”

 “There was a firearm incident outside Seven Kings Mosque tonight during the Ramadam night prayers.

“The suspect ran from the scene when stopped by brothers standing guard at the mosque. A shot was fired which fortunately did not hit anyone.

“There is a full police presence outside the mosque and we would like to reassure the community the police have sealed the area and there were no injuries.”

We are yet to establish the motive or all the facts surrounding the incident. The police are investigating the matter. A police request to all to kindly avoid speculating and circulating unconfirmed information.

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Social media is full of speculation no one knows about the actual facts.

Some wrote..

Was it really a pellet gun? Why am I seeing a guy with a black mask shot a round and got chased out etc, Ber stories

Ngl I’m not 100 percent sure but the info I got told from my local masjid, which is quite closely linked to Seven Kings mosque said it was a pellet gun

Seven Kings mosque ‘on lockdown’ in Ilford after shot fired during Ramadan prayers

I pray all those inside and out are protected from harms way Ameen

Hope the shooters are caught and reprimanded asap

Armed police scrambled to Seven Kings mosque after the gunman entered the building I hope he’s been arrested and locked up, this has got to stop, STOP THE KILLING it’s just too much & too blasted wicked

A gunshot has been heard after reports that an armed man entered a mosque in east London during Ramadan prayers.
Police think he fired a blank after being ushered out of the building in Seven Kings.

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