Snow Fall In Saudi Arabian Desert Tabuk

SAUDI ARABIA: Heavy rainfall and hail was recorded in the Saudi Arabian desert Tabuk. Snow fall in Saudi Arabian Desert Tabuk is definitely an spectacular sign.

Many are full of awe with this spectacular sight, while others may be seeing and recording this event as the nearness of end of times. One of the signs for the end of times the unexpected variation in the climatic conditions such as this one snowfall in the desert.

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Snow Fall In Saudi Arabian Desert Tabuk 2019

The video was shared on an Instagram post and as narrated it was recorded on Sunday 20th January 2019.

The video show heavy hail blanketing the Tabuk desert with water heavily flooding near by road.

Tabuk has hot desert climate with mild winters. Summer temperature vary between 26 and 46 °C, while winter vary between −4 and 18°C, with widespread frosts. In some winters temperature reaches as low as −6 °C.-Snowfall is not uncommon.

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Northern areas of the Kingdom is expected experience thunder rain with string winds on Saturday as announced by the Saudi news agency.

This could further lead to floods and dusty weather.

Same chilly climate was also experienced last year in January. Snowfall blanketed Saudi Arabia’s mountainous Tabuk region last year as well.

Desert covered in snow is a sight to see and many take on to social media sharing their photos and experience. The snow fall in the desert attracts lot of visitors and media each time.

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Snow Fall In Saudi Arabian Desert Tabuk in 2018

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