Suicide Attack in FSB Office: Russia Arkhangelsk

Russia Arkhangelsk: Mikhail Zhlobitsky a 17-year-old detonates explosive in an office of Russia’s Federal Security Service (FSB).
Officials have declared him dead. He died of his wounds FSB office in the north-western city of Arkhangelsk. 
The blast caused serious damage. Three FSB employees were hurt in the explosion. Incident took place around 09:00 (06:00 GMT).
Image and social media message of the suspect from CCTV appeared soon after the blast.
The user identifies himself as an anarcho-communist. Also claims the FSB “fabricates cases and tortures people”.

Teen Blows Himself in FSB Office: Russia Arkhangelsk

Teen-blows-himself-up-at-FSB-office (image BBC)
Teen-blows-himself-up-at-FSB-office (image BBC)

Russia’s anti-terrorism committee Initial Findings

According to initial findings, the suspect was a 17-year-old local resident.
He had gone into the building and pulled out of his bag an “unidentified object that exploded in his hands”.
  • His name is Mikhail Zhlobitsky.
  • Student of a local technical college
  • 17 year old.
  • Local Resident.
His Grand Mother’s Statement
  • She could not understand why he had blown himself up.
  • “He doesn’t drink or smoke, and he doesn’t swear. He doesn’t play truant – he always attends college. I’ve no idea what happened.”
Teen Blows Himself in FSB Office: Russia Arkhangelsk
The Blast is a terrorist attack said the authorities.
Governor Igor Orlov said security measures employed in :
  • Arkhangelsk, around 1,200km (750 miles) north of Moscow.
  • In all public buildings.
Attacks on security services are unusual in Russia. Though police in parts of the Caucasus , including Chechnya and Dagestan are targeted before.

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