Taiwan military chief among 8 dead in helicopter Crash

A Taiwanese Black Hawk Helicopter crashed today resulting in the deaths of 8 people including the Taiwan military Chief, Gen. Shen Yi-ming, chief of general staff, the top military official in the country.

According to reports by Lt. Gen. Hsiung Hou-chi of Taiwan’s air force, there were 13 people on board out of which five of them survived.

According to report by Chen Hao-feng to CNN , the Taiwan military chief, Gen. Shen Yi-Ming was found conscious by the New Taipei City fire department and was sent to the hospital.

Taiwan Military Chief
Taiwan Military Chief, Gen. Shen.

The helicopter was headed to the north-east of the country of Yilan to visit soldiers. Contact with the helicopter was lost 13 minutes after they took off and as soon as contact was lost, a rescue team was dispatched.

Taiwan is set have it’s elections on January 11th and the president, Tsai Ing-wen who is running her re-election campaign cancelled all the re-election activities for three days.

President Tsai posted on Facebook where she wrote:

Chief of the General Staff Shen Yi-ming was an outstanding, competent general, as well as a chief loved and esteemed by everyone. His departure has left us with tremendous wistfulness and sorrow,

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