Thirteen Indians Rescued From Burning Dhow: UAE

UAE: Sharjah Civil Defence firefighters were able to rescue thirteen Indians from burning dhow in UAE.

The vessel was loaded with

  • 6,000 gallons of diesel,
  • 120 exported vehicles and
  • 300 vehicle tyres

All of the above cargo was engulfed in fire and destroyed.

However, the quick response of the firefighter saved the lives of thirteen Indians.

The incident occurred on Wednesday morning when the dhow was anchored at Sharjah Creek near Khalid Port. 

Since the firefighter reached the location on time they were able to perform their rescue operation promptly.

Zero casualty was reported.

Col Sami Al Naqbi, director-general of Sharjah Civil Defence stated all the crew member were rescued in time.

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Col Sami giving the details said,

  • The information of the burning dhow was received 6.44 am
  • The team reached the site within five minutes.
  • The crew members were shifted to safety
  • The fire was controlled within an hour
  • The cooling operation was completed by 2 pm.
  • The vessel was anchored at Sharjah Creek.
  • The rescued crew members were given first-aid and food.

Forensic expert of Sharjah Police will investigate the cause of the fire. The site has been already handed over to them.

Thirteen Indians Rescued From Burning Dhow

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  Similar accidents of fire have previously taken place on the same site.

The cause of the previous fire was due to unloading and storing the inflammable goods under the sun or near the cooking area.

To prevent such accidents at the Khalid Port an awareness drive will be carried out among the crew members.

But before this drive, the cause of the fire will be investigated and studied by the civil defense and the Sharjah Police.

Col Sami Al Naqbi  has stated the crew members will be trained to use fire extinguishers and other firefighting equipment.

In that way they can douse the fire till the rescue team arrives and thus minimize the losses.


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