Thirty Nine bodies found in lorry container in Essex

LONDON: Thirty nine bodies have been found in a lorry container in Essex. Thirty eight bodies are of adults and one of a teen ager.

Suspect a twenty-five year old driver is arrested on suspicion of murder.

The lorry entered the UK three days ago from Bulgaria via Holyhead, Anglesey, on Saturday.

The vehicle was found shortly before 1:40 BST at Waterglade Industrial Park in Grays, Essex Police informed. The police was called by their colleagues from the ambulance.

Essex Police further informed all the thirty nine people inside the container are dead. The suspect is believed to be from Northern Ireland.

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Casualty bureau 

The police have set up casualty bureau for the concerned relative following the incident at Waterglade Industrial Park, Eastern Avenue, Grays.

Statement from Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills

Deputy Chief Constable Pippa Mills said in a statement, they received reports that number of people are found in a lorry container. It is believed the lorry is from Bulgaria and came in to the UK through Holyhead on the 19th of October.

Emergency services attended the victims but all thirty nine were found dead.

Murder investigation is launched and currently the 25-year-old driver is under police custody.

The victims are not identified yet, Pippa Mills said it is anticipated it will be lengthy procedure.

Statement of Chief Superintendent Andrew Mariner 

Chief Superintendent Andrew Mariner said in a statement it is a tragic incident and our enquiries are on going to establish what has happened. He said they are working closely with their partners to investigate the incident.

A cordon has been put in place and access to and from the Waterglade Industrial Park remains closed.

He also said they will try to keep this cordon as short as possible it will affect the activity of the local business in the area.

Statement of Bulgarian foreign affairs ministry 

Spokes person for Bulgarian foreign affairs ministry said in a statement it is not yet confirm if the truck was registered in Bulgaria and there is no indication of the nationalities of the 39 found dead in it.

Bulgaria foreign minister, Ekaterina Zaharieva, has tweeted:

Shocked by the terrifying news of the tragic incident in #Essex. My thoughts and prayers are with the victims’ families and friends. Hope the case is resolved quickly. Strongly condemn the human trafficking and smuggling!

The Suspect

The 25 year old lorry driver is identified an Mo Robinson from Northern Ireland. He is under police custody on suspicion of murder.

Reports are emerging Mo Robinson could have informed the authorities himself.

CCTV Footage of the lorry arriving at the industrial estate. It was found half an hour later with 39 bodies.

The truck is registered under the name of Irish female citizen

Irish news site has reported that the Bulgarian foreign ministry has said the truck is registered in Bulgaria by a company owned by an Irish female citizen.

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