Three Year Old Chinese Toddler Survives Six Storey Fall

CHINA: Three-year-old Chinese toddler has survived a six-storey fall thanks to the quick thinking of the onlookers.

The video footage captured the moment the toddler fell from sex storeys of an apartment building in China.

The video footage shows the Chinese toddler hanging down while he is tightly clinging to the edge of condominium balcony. The Harrowing footage was captured on Monday in the South-western city of Chongqing.

According to the reports, the toddler is said to be alone in the house when he wandered out onto the balcony.

The incident was noticed by the residents and condominium staff. They rushed to the sidewalk with a blanket when they saw the Toddler dangling from the balcony railing.

The child is seen losing his grip and falling down all the way from the six-storey balcony. Luckily the child was saved and caught on the blanket by the onlooker and the residents.

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Zhu Yanhui, a staff member at the condominium, told the BBC

“I held out the blanket, along with the others, while looking at the child,”

“My only thought was to keep him safe.”

The toddler was rushed to the hospital. The toddler did not sustain any injuries.

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