Tornado in Havana, 3 Killed More than 170 Injured

CUBA: The Cuban Capital Havana is devastated by a tornado late Sunday and early Monday Morning. As reports suggest 3 people have been killed and 172 are injured.

Powerful wind and heavy rain has affected the power supply of the city.

The Cuba’s capital was hit by a tornado and heavy rain leaving trees toppled down, bent power poles flinging shards of metal roofing through the air.

Many houses from different neighborhood have been destroyed.

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There are countless losses caused by the deadly tornado and social media is full as images are pouring in.

There are lot of well wishes coming in all across the world.

Local media has reported that the gusts of winds of more than 62mph was recorded. The wind tore through parts of Havana around 9pm on Sunday, with heavy rain and hail. 

The storm has caused city-wide power-cuts, destroyed buildings in different neighborhood and sent cars flying.

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President Miguel Díaz-Canel said early Monday that three people had been killed and 174 injured in the storm, however the number of casualties may rise.  

Several emergency teams are working to restore the power break downs.

Residents survey damage

People have descried the tornado having the noise of a jet engine or a plane falling down.

Julio Menendez, a 33-year-old restaurant worker said “looks like a horror movie.”

Many residents are describing it as a red fireball circling above and coming and going in seconds.

Tornado are very rare in Cuba, this was first time in decades to strike.

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