Trump suggests delaying US Presidential Election over coronavirus

President Donald Trump has suggested delaying the US Presidential Election 2020 over coronavirus saying that the Universal Mail-In voting would be fraudulent as he lags behind the competition in polls.

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Trump suggests delaying US presidential elections over coronavirus.

Taking to Twitter, President Trump wrote, “2020 will be the most INACCURATE & FRAUDULENT Election in history.” calling it an embarrassment to the country.

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According to Trump, Universal Mail-In voting system is going to fraudulent and inaccurate therefore, the US Presidential Election 2020 should be delayed until people can come out and vote themselves.

However, it is highly unlikely that this will happen as United States has never delayed an election even holding one during the Civil War.

The coronavirus situation in the United States is probably the worst with over 4.5 million cases and the country continues to register thousands of cases each day.

Based on the fact that more people will opt for Universal Mail-In voting, President Trump wants elections to be delayed until everyone can line up at poling sites to vote going against the Democrats for attempting to increase the availability of mail-in voting.

However, it should be mentioned that the President does not have the authority to delay the US Presidential Election and the power falls to Congress and law makers have said that there was no likelihood of the election getting delayed.

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