Two men boiled alive in Russia as their Lada fell in a sinkhole

RUSSIA: Two men were boiled alive in Russia as their Lda car fell into a steaming sinkhole. Both were boiled to death.

The car was carrying Vladimir Valyalkin, 49, and Igor Chikasov, 53.

The car fell into a car park sinkhole into steaming hot water. The sinkhole filled with scalding 75c water as pipe seemed to have burst.

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The incident occurred in the Russian city of Penza, and the men have been reported to have died immediately.

The sinkhole suddenly opened up and swallowed their vehicle with both trapped inside.

Hot water is piped to work and residential buildings for heating during winters.

Two men boiled alive in Russia

According to local reports, another car had just driven over the same spot few minutes before. The driver did notice steaming emerging from the ground and quickly drove off.

Unfortunately, Vladimir Valyalkin and Igor Chikasov fell prey as their vehicle collapsed into a steaming sinkhole.

Both were colleagues in a furniture-making-business.

Vladimir Valyalkin was father of three, one adult daughter and two children aged nine and seven.

Distressing video and pictures showed bodies being lifted by crane from steaming hot water from the sinkhole along with the wreckage of their  Lada Largus car.

A hot water pipe burst was the cause of death.

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