COVID-19: UK death toll reaches over 32,000 – highest in Europe

The UK death toll of over 32,000 is now the highest in Europe even surpassing Italy according to the latest official figures.

UK death toll
UK death toll reaches over 32,000 becoming the highest in Europe.

There has been 29,648 deaths in England and Wales due to coronavirus till 2 May as mentioned on their death certificates according to the Office for National Statistics.

Based on the latest figures from Scotland and Northern Ireland, the total UK death toll has topped 32,000 based on several sources exceeding the previous highest death toll of 29,315 in Italy.

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However, the official figures realeased by the Department of Health still stand at 29,427 and these include deaths recorded in hospitals and care homes. The total number of coronavirus cases are 194,990.

Other European countries have also been badly affected including Spain that has over 25,613 deaths along with over 250,000 cases.

France has also seen the worst of the COVID-19 virus with the death toll reaching 25,201 along with 169,462 cases. The country reported as many as over 1,500 fatalities each day when the virus was at its peak however, the daily numbers being reported have significantly improved.

Talking about the coronavirus at a globally level, the United States remains the worst affected country with over 1.12 million cases account for over 37 percent of world cases along with 70,713 deaths.

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