Unabia Kamran, Pakistani Toddler Dies in UAE Car Crash

UAE: Three-year-old Pakistani toddler Unabia Kamran has died in UAE Car Crash. She was sitting in her mother’s laps.

Her father was driving while she was sitting in the front seat on her mothers laps.

Unabia Kamran’s head rammed into the car dashboard when the father suddenly hit the brakes.

She received fatal head injuries leading to her death.

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UAE Car Crash

The Khaleej Times has reported the incident took place at the Jazirat Al Hamra road in Ras Al Khaimah on Friday.

It has also been reported as the father suddenly hit the breaks, Unabia Kamran was pushed forward. The sudden impact threw the toddler out of the mother’s arms and hitting the baby’s head on the car dashboard.

The impact was severe leading to serious injuries on the head. The baby also bleed heavily.

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The rescue and paramedics team tried to revive the toddler but she succumbed to her injuries. She was pronounced dead on 29 June.

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