US Congressmen concerned over Kashmir lockdown

US Congressmen and Ami Bera and George Holding are concerned over the situation and lockdown in Indian Occupied Kashmir (IoK) and the detainment of the political leaders in the region.

Kashmir Lockdown
Ami Bera (left) and George Holding (right) express concerns over Kashmir lockdown and political leaders detained in the region.

Both the congressmen have insisted Indian the Modi government to release the political leaders detained and restore normalcy in the region according to a Kashmir Media Service Report.

The congressmen have made these remarks and shown their concern over the situation in Indian Occupied Kashmir on their visit to India according to the report.

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Ami Bera is the Democrat Chair of Asia Pacific Group of House Foreign Affairs Committee in the US Congress and Republican George Holding is the co chair of the India Caucus.

Ami Bera has told reporters in New Delhi that they are eager to bring a US congressional delegation to IoK,

Ami Bera told media:

We have expressed our concern on the continued detention of political leaders in Kashmir. We would like to see an early return to normalcy there,

While George Holding shares similar views as Bera over the lockdown in Indian occupied Kashmir and the detainment of the polictical leaders and thinks that it is of the utmost importance to bring stability to the region saying:

A stable political situation in Kashmir is important for its economic development. Increasing economic development in Kashmir is important,

Bera has even expressed his concerns over the Indian Citizenship Amendment Act that has resulted in widespread protests in the country saying that the new law is discriminatory and unconstitutional, depriving Muslims in the country of Indian citizenship.

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