Vaccine Formulas shouldn’t be shared with developing nations: Bill Gates

The co-founder of Microsoft, a billionaire wearing sweater and philanthropist Bill Gates trending on micro-blogging platform Twitter for saying “vaccine formulas shouldn’t be shared with developing nations.

Vaccine Formulas shouldn’t be shared with developing nations: Bill Gates

In his latest interview with Sky News on Sunday, The founder of Bill & Melinda Gates foundation was asked if it ‘would be helpful’ for intellectual property protections to be lifted and for vaccine recipes to be shared with the world?

Mr Gates answered ‘NO’ before adding: ‘There’s only so many vaccine factories in the world and people are very serious about the safety of vaccines And so moving something that had never been done, Moving a vaccine, say, from a [Johnson & Johnson] factory into a factory in India, it’s novel, it’s only because of our grants and expertise that can happen at all.”

“The Thing that’s holding things back, in this case, is not intellectual property. It’s not like there is some idle vaccine factory, with regulatory approval, that makes magically safe vaccine, You know, you’ve got to do the trial on these things. And every manufacturing process needs to be looked at in a very careful way”

Bill Gates under fire on Twitter as the people started blaming him for de-populating the world by vaccinating and funding for the different causes and declining the decision to share the vaccine formulas with developing nations.

This D£mon doesn’t care if you live or die. You’re just a number & every number that gets the vax, he invests in the bank for him.

Bill Gates admits on CNBC TV he’s making $200 BILLION on his Va-x-inations.

In 2015, Mr Gates the billionaire shared his thoughts about the next pandemic and he alone has benefited the most out of the Coronavirus outbreak, Gates appearance as Messiah wearing sweater all the time puts billions of people around the world in doubt what is he up to?

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