Vera Rijo Dies After Falling From Fifth Floor While Doing Yoga

THAILAND: Vera Maceiras Rijo, 27 Portuguese backpacker was found covered in blood entwined in the barbed wire fence. She is believed to have fallen from fifth floor hostel ledge while doing yoga.

Her body was discovered on Sunday , in her pajamas and top on a barbed wire below a Thailand hostel where she was staying with her sister.

Her body was found stuck in a razor-wire fence at an abandoned building in Bangkok, Thailand, early in the morning at am.

The 27 seven year old had just celebrated her birthday few day before she fell to her death on Wednesday.

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The police believe she fell after climbing out of a window to practice yoga on a narrow ledge at 5am.

The police is looking into the unusual position she was found in. She was found at the position of Fifty Feet below and around Fourteen Feet to the right of where she is said to have tumbled down from.

Police also believe Vera Rijo must have tangled up in the fence before dropping on the ground, where she must have bleed to death. Locals discovered her body at 8 am.

Lieutenant Colonel Supachai Haankamkla from the Bang Rak district police station speaking from the scene of the incident said that they don’t know yet how Vera Rijo died, Her body is shifted to a hospital where the cause of death will be determined.

On asking Lieutenant Colonel why her body was found in unusual position, he said they are not sure yet if she jumped from the hostel window. He also indicated may be she walked little further than jumped. Currently they don’t know how exactly it happened.

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He also commented she did not hit the ground, may be she was already dead before falling or she may have died while she was tangled up in the wire.

On asking if someone killed her first than dumped her body, the Lieutenant Colonel said it is a possibility and they will be investigating the cause of death.

Local media have also reported that the police have checked the CCTV footage also. The footage show Vera Rijo leaving her room on the third floor and walking up the stairs to the fifth floor at the window.

It was also known that Ms Vera Rijo loved doing yoga while standing on the ledge.

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The police officers are also considering it as a suicide but they haven’t found any suicide note yet.

Was it as accident, suicide or murder will be known only after the investigations are completed.

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