Watch How The Elephant Trapped in Canal Is Rescued

SRI LANKA: There are animal lovers everywhere all across the globe. Faith in humanity gets restored every time when we see people doing kind acts. Watch how the elephant trapped in canal is rescued by the people.

The elephant is seen in the canal trying to climb out of it. The poor creature is not able to lift itself out from the canal as the edges are too slippery.

The incident is recorded in Sri Lanka.

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The Elephant is seen trying it’s best again and again but is unable to do so. It’s weight and the slippery edges of the canal probably are the two factors getting in the way.

The struggling elephant is noticed by the people passing.

They try to help out this beautiful animal.

The rescue teams arrive and do their work.

They throw in the rope and tires and make ladder for him to climb out.

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The trapped giant in canal desperately tries to get out of the canal.

When the team lowers the ladder he first swims the other way.

The people try to stir him back to the ladder.

The people are successful and lead him back to the ladder.

He grabs the ladder and tries to pull himself up.

He fails the first few attempts.

The elephant is not ready to give up nor are the people,

The joint efforts finally succeed and the elephant is able to pull itself out of the canal.

The Elephant is finally seen running towards home with people cheering the success.

Watch How The Elephant Trapped in Canal Is Rescued

Here is one more video to restore the faith in humanity.

Rescue Operation

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