Weeping Tree in Perth has arboriculturist scratching their heads

PERTH: A mysterious weeping gum tree in Perth left arboriculturist scratching their heads.

The tree suddenly and mysteriously started gushing water out four days ago.

The tree stopped weeping only after the Water Corporation interfered.

Nine News has reported the weeping tree started gushing out water on Good Friday and it had been pouring water for four days.

The locals started joking it was some sort of divine intervention.

Jacqui Bacich who lives four doors away said,

Hundreds of people have been coming from around the suburb to witness the mysterious weeping tree.

Lot of people been seen making prayers.

One of the visitors took off his clothes to take a bath from the water pouring out from the tree.

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Truth Behind The Weeping Tree

The truth wasn’t about the divine intervention nor it was a miracle as some of the people had perceived.

The Water Corporation intervened and revealed the truth.

They said the root of the Weeping Tree had grown around the iron water pipe underneath the tree about a foot underground.

The pipe underneath the gum Tree had cracked and started filling the hollow part of the tree.

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On Friday water started praying out from the opening of the looped-off branch.

It only stopped after the technicians cut and capped the iron pipe.

Weeping Tree in Perth has arboriculturist scratching their heads

Such mysterious incidents are reported all over the world.

People in Perth started praying thinking it was something divine

Similarly the attitude towards such incidents remain same every where.

So the mystery in Perth was resolved, surely there is always such reason behind every weeping tree found in the world.

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