A woman died after falling into a meat grinder

PENNSYLVANIA: A woman has died after falling into a meat grinder, head first.

Accident occurred on Monday morning around 11:30 a.m.

Jill Greninger, 35 was an employee at the Economy Locker Storage Company in Muncy Township.

People living in the surrounding area of the Economy Locker Storage Company are horrified after hearing the death of Jill Greninger, who fell into the meat grinder.

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The company has been operational since 1900s as per company website. This is the first ever reported incident.

The residents are also shocked after learning of the tragic incident. The are all wondering how such thing could have happened in their community.

The Lycoming County Coroner has said the thirty-five-year-old Jill Greninger was operating the machine on a rolling ladder 6 feet off the ground when the tragic incident took place.

He also said no one was present when the accident occurred at the Economy Locker Storage Co. in Muncy Township.

The officials do not know how it all happened as there were no witnesses.

They do not know if she lost the balance or was pulled into by a very large commercial meat grinder.

Another worker found Jill in the meat grinder and called for help.

Jill Greninger was found already dead when authorities arrived.

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The worker who found Jill in the meat grinder said he heard an unusual sound and went to check. That is when he found her in the grinder.

Muncy Township and Muncy Area volunteer firefighters immediately responded and reached the scene. She was already dead when they reached there.

Fighters disassembled the machine to remove the body out. It took them 45 minutes.

The US Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration is investigating her death.

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