Woman Driver: GPS told me to drive on Rail Track

DUQUESNE : Woman Driver … what the first thing that comes to your mind? Vehicle was found driving on the rail track. Guess what she said, GPS told me to drive on the rail track.

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November 21, 2018The GPS told me to do it…This evening at approximately 10 PM, the city of Duquesne Police…

Posted by City of Duquesne Police Department on Wednesday, November 21, 2018

The City of Duquesne Police, they received the report of a vehicle driving on the rail track. 

The police responded to the report and arrived at the scene. On asking the woman driver told the officers, her GPS told her to go that way.

 GPS told me to drive on Rail Track

When officers arrived and spoke to the woman, she told them that her GPS told her to go that way.

The city police also confirmed the woman driver was 100% sober. She had no medical conditions affecting her decisions.

The vehicle was towed away safely. The woman driver was Quoted for careless driving.

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