Woman in Dubai Finds camera while taking a bath

DUBAI: The man had been filming naked men and women using the bathroom. Women in Dubai find camera while taking a bath in her flat bathroom on Thursday. A man has been indicted with breach of privacy of five women.

A portable camera with a charger and memory card was discovered by the woman on the bathroom ceiling. The man accused is a 41-year-old Asian employee working in Dubai.

He shared and lived in a shared 2-bedroom flat in Naif. The other occupants of the same flat were a couple, sister of husband and three other women.

Woman in Dubai Finds camera while taking a bath
Woman in Dubai Finds camera while taking a bath

The 32-year-old wife suspected a camera lens near the ceiling while she was getting ready for her bath, but she forgot about it and failed to inform and investigate the matter.

Later the next day, the camera was noticed by another woman who had entered the bathroom to take a bath. She removed the camera and gave it to another friend to investigate.

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The third woman took out the memory card and put it on her phone to check the contents. The saw the video of one of the women in the flat entering the bathroom and undressing and then taking her bath.

The women watched the video in horror when the man realized the camera was gone and it was in the possession of the women, he tried to take it from them but they refused.

The women agreed to forgive him and returned his camera after he apologized and gave them their word that he will not repeat the mistake again. He also assured them that there were no other video or pictures of them.

The women had not returned the memory chip though, the second women later placed the memory card in her laptop, where she discovered hundreds of pictures and videos of herself and all other flatmates in the state of undress. She also noticed videos of women who lived with them months ago. That is when she decided to file a complaint with the police.

Woman in Dubai Finds camera while taking a bath
Woman in Dubai Finds camera while taking a bath

After interrogations from the police, the man confessed to his crime. He admitted of installing the camera and filming both men and women of the flat. He also said he edits the contents and keeps only what he likes. This had been going on since last December.

The case is still in court; the next hearing will be on 8 October.


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