12 year old Belgium girl becomes the youngest coronavirus death

The coronavirus has claimed its youngest victim, a 12 year old girl from Belgium became the youngest coronavirus death after passing away on Monday after testing positive for the virus according Belgium authorities.

youngest coronavirus death Belgium girl coronavirus COVID-19
12 year old from Belgium becomes youngest coronavirus death.

A spokesperson for the Belgium Crisis Center for Coronavirus Emmanuel Andre said that this was “an emotionally difficult moment because it involves a child” and that this loss also “upset the medical and scientific community”.

Emmanuel Andre also said:

We are thinking of her family and friends. It is an event that is very rare, but one which upsets us greatly,

The girl had a fever for the last few days and was tested positive for the coronavirus before her death according to another spokesperson Steven Van Gucht.

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More details about the girl were not revealed this deaths makes this the youngest fatality from the coronavirus in Europe.

The number of COVID-19 cases in Belgium have crossed 12,500 with over 700 deaths and the number keeps rising rapidly with over a hundred deaths being reported everyday.

Earlier cases involving children that died from the coronavirus was a 14 year old boy named Vitor Godinho from Portugal and a 16 year old girl from Paris who was only identified as Julie A.

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