Youngest coronavirus death in Europe is of a 16-year-old French schoolgirl

FRANCE: The youngest to die from coronavirus in Europe is a 16-year-old French schoolgirl, with no prior illness history.

Director-General of Health Jérôme Salomon has announced the death of this teenager testifies that coronavirus can affect people of all ages.

The French schoolgirl is being identified as Julie A, she was just sixteen. She had no underlying health issues and has become the youngest death from COVID-19 in Europe.

Julie succumbed to her death night between Tuesday and Wednesday at Necker Children’s hospital in Paris.

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Her health declined from just a minor cough.

Her sister Manon told the local newspaper that Julie was taken to a doctor with just minor cough symptoms which accelerated before her death.

Her mother Sabine told the local newspapers that ” Julie just had a slight cough the previous week. The cough worsened over the weekend with mucus. On Monday we went to see a general practitioner. She was diagnosed with respiratory distress.”

According to her family, Julie had no medical history.

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Coronavirus affects people of all ages

Her sister Manon is now warning people that COVID-19 can affect people of all ages. She also said we need to stop believing that coronavirus only affects the elderly.

No one is invincible to this mutant virus.

So far it is being believed that only the elderly are at a risk. Cases like Julie proves it all wrong.

Julie was a high school student from Longjumeau, Essonne, south of Paris.

Manon said her funeral will be held in her hometown with only a few people. maximum ten on Monday.

Lockdown in France

France is on lockdown since March 17. So far 29,155 confirmed cases of COVID-19 have been reported in France with 1,696 reported deaths.

This figure does not include those who died from the virus at home or at retirement homes.

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