Yusaku Maezawa wants life partner for SpaceX Moon voyage

JAPAN: The Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa wants a life partner for his SpaceX Moon voyage. This is not a joke, he seriously wants someone special to join him on his moon voyage.

Yusaku Maezawa’s website states

“Yusaku Maezawa looks for a female partner to go to the moon with him. He has a long-held dream of going into space. He wants to visit such a special someone. Through serious one-on-one planned matchmaking. Maezawa looks to find his life partner.”

Maezawa has recently split with his girlfriend and now he seeks a partner to accompany him on Moon Voyage which is tentatively scheduled for 2023.

Maezawa wants to travel to the moon SpaceX’s next-generation Starship rocket.

In September 2018, SpaceX has disclosed the name of Japanese Billionaire as the first private customer to travel into space. Yusaku Maezawa has put down a sizeable deposit for his Moon Voyage.

His website indicates the application conditions and schedule for the matchmaking.

Application Conditions

  • Single women aged 20 or over
  • Bright personality and always positive
  • Interested in going into space and able to participate for it
  • Want to enjoy life to the fullest
  • Be someone who wished for world peace.


  • Jan 17: Application end at 10 am (JST)
  • Jan 25-26: Selection begins
  • Mid-Feb: Matchmaking dates with Yusaku Maezawa
  • Mid Mar: Special dates getting to know Yusaku Maezawa
  • End of Mar: Final decision on a partner

Application deadline: 17 January 2020

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The 44-year-old Japanese Billionaire wrote on his website ” I’m sure I’ve been able to acquire my share of the money, social status, and fame along the way. But now I’m restarting my life. I’m 44 now. As feelings of loneliness and emptiness slowly begin to surge upon me, there’s one thing that I think about: Continuing to love one woman. “

Yusaku Maezawa tweeted to let his followers know who is he, he said

Born in Japan. After high school, I made my rock band debut. I then founded a fashion EC ‘ZOZOTOWN’. TSE-listed and gained a market worth of US$15 billion. In Sept. 2019, I sold it to Softbank Group and stepped down as CEO. My net worth is now US$2 billion (Forbes).

I have a passion for collecting contemporary art, Japanese antiques, supercars, wine etc. Some people know me for purchasing J.M.Basquiat’s $110 million painting. I will be the first civilian to fly around the moon on @SpaceX‘s Starship rocket, scheduled to launch in 2023.

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