Mubasher Lucman Vs Mir Shakil ur Rahman – The Video

Mubasher Lucman Vs Mir Shakil ur Rahman – The Battle is Far from Over

On 24 March 2014, A news was published in The News International and Daily Jang (both newspapers of Jang Group) claiming that Islamabad High Court has barred Mubasher Lucman, ARY News and the team of Mubasher Lucman’s show “Khara Sach” from maligning Jang Group. Strangely enough, this news was not covered by any other credible newspaper or online news portal than these two newspapers from the Jang Group itself.

Mubasher Lucman announced that the above-mentioned news is FALSE and based on distorted facts, which he later discussed on his show on air.
Watch Mubasher Lucman’s definitive and crystal clear response to the propaganda initiated by Jang Group and Mir Shakil ur Rahman (or as Lucman named him: BabaGee). Watch as he states nothing but hard facts backed by evidences to show the real face of BabaGee to the world:

Amazing response by Mubasher Lucman to Geo Network and Jang Group’s owner Mir Shakil ur Rahman for publishing false news with distorted facts regarding ARY and Mubasher Lucman

(Khara Sach 24 March 2014)

As the battle between Mubasher Lucman and BabaGee has reignited, so far the scoreboard is in favor of Lucman for sticking with hardcore facts rather than resorting to cheap tactic such as falsifying news reports and distorting court’s decision.


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