Paedophile Sohail Ayaz , father ready to fight for son

RAWALPINDI: Paedophile Sohail Ayaz confessed to have sexually assaulted many young boys, now his father is ready to fight the case of his son.

The father is heard saying it was a normal case, making his confession public has caused him embarrassment. He said like other convicted, who are shown on media with covered faces, same could have been done in his son’s case.

Mentioning his family connections, said there are more than dozens of high ranking army personals in his family. He is ready to fight Sohail Ayazs’ case till his last breath. He said “of course I will fight, he is my son.”

Arrested by Rawalpindi Police

Sohail Ayaz was arrested by Rawalpindi Police on Tuesday. The police confirmed that he confessed to thirty sexual assauld of children. The paedophile was arrested from the Rawat area.

Sohail ran a child pornography group. He is also suspected of circulating child pornography on ‘dark web’.

The police suspect he has kidnapped and rapped multiple children.

Rawalpindi police chief Faisal Rana told the media, he was arrested after a mother of 13-year-old boy reported her son was missing. The 13-year-old tea vendor was kidnapped and raped after drugging him. The boy was raped and filmed for four days.

He is also involved in a rape of a labourer’s daughter.

About Sohail Ayaz

  • Sohail Ayaz is forty-five-years old hailing from Nilour area of Islamabad.
  • Qualified Chartered Accountant.
  • Was living in Rawalpindi’s DHA Phase 8 area since 2009 after being deported from UK.
  • Currently he was providing consultancy services to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Governance and Policy Project.
  • He has been drawing remuneration of Rs.300,000 along with other benifits from the project since past two years.
  • His marriage ended in divorce due to his activities.
  • He has a daughter as well.
  • Spent most of his money on the equipments used in the live-streaming of his sexual assault.
  • Was also employed by the charity Save The Children in UK
  • Served jail in UK and Italy on similar charges

Sohail Ayaz Confessing to his crimes

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Sentenced in UK

Sohail Ayaz was sentenced in UK in 2009. His arrest raised attention because he previously worked for “Save the Children”

He was arrested at the headquarters of Save the Children. Police recovered thousands of child porn images from mhis home in Barking, east London.

The images showed as young as six-month old babies. Other showed youngsters tied up or blindfolded.

Then thirty five, he pleaded guilty to his crimes and was jailed for four years in 2009.

He admitted to two counts of

  • possession of 397 indecent images of children
  • 112 video clips

He was also found to have sexually assaulted a young boy in another country. The court also heard at that time that he forwarded the pictures to his fellow paedophile in Britain.

The court also hear that, he had applied for work in the charity hoping to gain access to the vulnerable children, but he had not had access to them.

At that time he was also wanted in Italy over an alleged child sex abuse ring in Romania. Later he was also convicted in Italy and then deported.

The Rawalpindi Police have tweeted to say if due to social pressure the parents of children are unable to register their cases, the police will register the cases on their behalf.

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