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Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPak) Official Logo
Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPak) Official Logo

Independent News Coverage Pakistan (INCPak) audience ranges from students to professionals, from employed to businessmen and entrepreneurs as INCPak focuses on empowering youth and providing the truth to its audience.

INCPak reaches a vast audience, national as well as international, over 500,000 page views /  over 350,000 distinctive visitors per month and yet growing every month. It reaches students, cellular companies, Smartphones manufacturer, Automobiles, Educational Institutions, etc..

The youth are our major visitors as they trust INCPak to be accurate, informative, educational and up-to-date with current situation politically, technologically, economically and unbiased reviews.

INCPak is a well-known website for its unique content which appeals to visitors, we are proud to say that, we’ve achieved our goal and delivered the best.

Banner Placement available on INCPak
Banner Placement available on INCPak (Email us for details)

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INCPak offers a distinctive and exceptional proposition for advertisers who wish to target the youth, who wish to attract not only national but international markets.

INCPak is the best platform to advertise from as it has a blend of the national and international audience, the young and old alike. The audience that has the rage for the latest technology and Information sure find INCPak the best site to visit.

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We Do not Promote:

  • Politically motivated content
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