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INCPak LogoIn 2012 INCPak Started of as The Independent News Coverage Pakistan, INCPak.com has gained the popularity in Pakistan and Internationally known for authentic News Source working completely Independent collecting from various News Source and Technology Information, Gadgets reviews and Up-to-date information, We are giving you the unbiased views.

Our Technology posts are highly viewed in South Asian countries, one of the reason is no matter the website offers you what INCPak does, our content is completely unique and Information is useful for the visitors, INCPak added  INCPak Forum  for the technical discussions and troubleshooting, this helpful website is becoming Warehouse / Vault of Information through which everyone benefits.

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To spread awareness, the sense of civil rights, education, health and cover a range of issues. It is time now when we shouldn’t sit silently and watch what’s happening all around us but now it is time to unite together under one flag, to not just think but to do what is right for the betterment of this country, to not just wait for the change but be the change instead of blaming others.

We are the society, It is the Youth’s responsibility to hold up the future, grip as tight as possible and make it brighter and full of prosperity for the generations ahead. It is time when we must forget our own personal interests and unite as one. INCPak is a totally distinctive news platform from the rest, where You and I stand equal to share and lead the ways to bring solutions.

We are not against any political party or any organization, our major focus is on the ordinary common people, by the people and for the people, those who believe can make it happen. Have your say here at INCPak, as we believe in true journalism. It is the voice of the common Pakistani. INCPak is a place where you get the actual news from others who share true morals and values of justice, peace, and prosperity and discuss, debate, share and ask. No matter how tiny or huge the issues we face, INCPak will support you, to make YOUR voices heard across the globe.


Our vision and mission are to provide a solid reliable platform to the common innocent people of Pakistan where their voices could be heard like never before. The mission of INCPak is based on the truth and reality about the happenings, incidences, stories, ones are forgotten and facts that have never been told felt or heard before.

This is where everyone gets the change to share equally across the nation. It doesn’t matter which part of the country you belong to or the type of person you are, the one thing which matters is the point you’ve raised. The world must hear and know the facts and the figures, no more ignorance and falsehood.

United We Stand and Divided we Fall – once if we commit and be determined to do our best, with the fear of Almighty Allah in our heart, nothing is impossible, the solution lies where the problem is that’s the understanding we have been following.

Independent News Coverage Pakistan

INCPak Team ~ We are Independent! 

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  1. Saeed Khan says:

    Pakistani born living in UK for 48years

  2. Akhtar rasool says:

    Bakhtawar cadet college nawabshah is very nice initiatitive for the girls of intrrior sindh.but unfortunately administartion is totally non eligible and non competative .here only four persons are runing the college they hire and fire any senior employee within minutes on there personal wish not on competency .principal .JCO mr salhuddin …coordinator miss iffatwho works as voice principal and acountant mr ghaffar ..they run the college on there own wish …the quality of education is so much down .becuase all rrlative and freinds of iffat and salalhuddin are appointed .there relatives .recently they fire a three year old employee who work as pa to principal …they fire two teachers just because miss iffat dont like them .in last two years two lady doctors left the job just because they have no job security and proper leave system ..many trachers are depressed because they no there basic service rights just like leav promotion job security and proper salray structure .many lower staff is depressed because mssi faat j c o and acountant black mail them personally .it is appeal to higher authorities to take notice about the mono poly of thess four persons . And investigate that how they are giving befift to theselves and to there relatives inspite of the students and other employess.

  3. Javed Khan says:

    I want create a account paypal in pakistan. Some information give me

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