Justice for Zahra: Journalist Ali Salman Alvi arrested for wife’s murder

RAWALPINDI: Justice for Zahra trends on social media as the culprit held in the suspected murder of wife Sadaf Zahra Naqvi, is Journalist Ali Salman Alvi.

The Rawalpindi Police has confirmed the arrest of the suspect, twitter message from Rawalpindi Police suggests – the case was registered on 29-6-2020 and Ali salman Alvi is in police custody.

An inquiry into the case in underway and justice and merit will be ensured – Rawalpindi Police.

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An FIR was registered on June 29 under Section 302 by victims sister Mahwish.


The first investigation report states the case was registered by the sister Mahwish Zahra, who accused the brother-in-law. She stated he murdered her sister Sadaf Zahra Naqvi and is covering up as a suicide.

Justice for Zahra

Mahwish informed the police that she received a call from Ali at 2 pm telling her that Sadaf had done something to herself. She rushed to her sister’s place with her mother and her husband. The house is located in Yousuf Colony.

The front door was opened by Ali Salman Alvi upon their arrival. The rest of the doors were locked from inside.

They were taken to Sadaf’s room by Alvi and they found Zahra hanging by the ceiling fan with her neck tied with a bedsheet. A ladder was also found laying nearby.

Mahwish took her sister off the ceiling fan and untied her but she was already dead. She accused Alvi of murdering her sister.

Mahwish complained that her sister was subject to physical violence and torture multiple times over the years. He was warned several times but he did not pay any heed.

Ali Salman Alvi – Twitter profile


The autopsy report is still awaited. The cause of death will be confirmed after the report is received. The report will determine if Sadaf Zahra was a victim of domestic violence.

Justice For Zahra

The issue is highlighted on social media and Justice for Zahra has started trending.

Digital Rights Foundation Director Nighat Dad said

Sadaf who did an entire thread on domestic violence was a victim of domestic abuse herself and on June 29th her dead body was found at her place. In the same thread she said she will be participating in #AuratMarch for herself, her daughter & future generations. Read & weep.

Journalist Asma Shirazi also reacted she wrote

I was shocked & numbed the moment I got to know abt incident & FIR,not just myself but media group I’m working with strictly condemned & terminated accused. Read Sadaf’s thread in morning whom I never met but am heartbroken. #RIPSadaf Justice must prevail #JusticeForZahra

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According to Minister for Human Rights Shireen Mazari

The Domestic Violence (Protection and Prevention) Bill 2020 prepared by MOHR and approved by CCLC and Cabinet will be tabled today in NA. Our Senior Citizens Bill has been with NA Standing Committee on HR since before the Pandemic restrictions. Hoping it is expedited soon.

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