5 people gunned down in Rawalpindi

ISLAMABAD: At least five people were killed and two others sustained wounds when unidentified gunmen opened fire at them in Rawalpindi on Friday evening. Sources reported

Rescue sources said that the incident took place at street number 11 of Rawalpindi’s Misrial Road. They said that injured have been moved to District Headquarters (DHQ) Hospital in the Islamabad’s twin city.

Police has launched an initial investigation into the incident after reaching the site.

Sources said that all deceased belonged to tribal areas of the country and the incident was a result of personal enmity.

Earlier Local Private Channel reported :-

Some unidentified armed attackers have shot dead four Afghanis and injured another in Rawalpindi on Friday
According to the police, the armed attackers opened indiscriminate fire at few Afghan citizens on Masrial Road in Madina Colony of Rawalpindi on Friday evening and fled away, leaving four Afghanis dead and one seriously injured on the spot.

A contingent of Nasirabad Police Station rushed to the firing site and moved the bodies and injured Afghan citizen to DHQ Hospital for the medical assistance. The police have launched search operation to trace and capture the killers, after filing a case against the unknown assassins.

Amongst the deceased firing victims are included 25-year old Hazrat Ali and Zarghun,  20-year old Sher Ali and Sedar Azam while the injured one as Moeen.

All firing victims were residents of Madina Colony on Masrial Road in Rawalpindi and this firing incident and killings belong to some kind of old enmity between the  victims and killers, added the police.

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