Fast and Furious 7 Release Date: Paul Walker Character May Die in Film?

Fast and Furious 7

 The recent speculation is that Paul Walker’s character, Brian O’Connor may die in the film.

Contrary to early reports, Brian O’ Connor may not retire in the film.

According to, an unnamed source notified that: “The makers of the movie are designing to leave Walker’s character from the movie. The source had disclosed to the website that now Paul’s feature is wed he will not be the part of adventurous entourage, rather he will be retiring for his family’s sake.”

The report even said that movie director James Wan, Morgan and Universal studios have determined to twist the script in a way, which will hold the essence of Walker’s feature in the movie.

However, according to writer of “Fast and angry 7” Morgan said that nothing has been confirmed considering Paul’s feature. evidently, the output house is still mulling about the future of very quick 7. numerous rumors suggest that Brian O’Connor (Paul’s feature) may pass away in the movie.

opposing to the reports, Morgan notified, “There’s nothing set in pebble at all. Those are the dialogues we’re just now having. Nothing’s determined. Everything is still open and on the table.”

In his revelation to the website, the author assured that anything they will design considering Brian O’ Connor’s character will be special and memorable. allegedly, the team is motivated to do certain thing exceedingly special for Paul.

Paul Walker passed away in a tragic vehicle smash into on November 30 with his ally Rogar Rodas. According to, the last mentioned lost control of the vehicle as it wasjourneying much quicker than 100mph. The vehicle bumped into a lighting mail before bursting out into blazes.

Before the misfortune, Paul had accomplished a number of scenes for the movie. The movieproduction had halted after his death and now even the issue of movie has been postponed from April 2014 to April 10, 2015.

Now what could occur to Walker’s feature in the film. Would he die or leave? All that is left for followers is to wait and glimpse what occurs next.

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