Good News Petrol price slashed by Rs 9.43

GOOD NEWS : The Trices of petroleum products in the international markets after which Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif also approved a reduction in the prices of petroleum products in accordance with the most high-octane the price of petrol has been reduced by 9 rupees 43 paisa, 14 paisa, after which the new price of Rs 94, the price of diesel by Rs 6 to Rs 101  kerosene Rs 87 to Rs 45 per liter, while the high-octane 116 will get in.

During the meeting of the decline in the prices of petroleum products, the Prime Minister announced that the recent decline in the prices of petroleum products which directly benefit the ideal individual must meet generally. He directed four ministers provincial governments high transport rates and commodity prices.

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Goods Transporters Decrease Fares

Goods transporters have announced a 5 percent decrease in fares across the country. President Goods Transporters Association, Khalid Khan said the fare from Karachi to Lahore would be decreased by Rs 5,000.

No Transport Fare Decrease in Karachi

The Karachi Transport Ittehad has refused to decrease the price of fares in the city. The transport ittehad states they will consider lowering fares when the price of petrol and diesel decreases to less than Rs 93.


New Prices :

HOBC              Rs 116/- 

Petrol               Rs . 94 /- 

Diesel              Rs  101/- 

Prices will be effective from 1st November 2014

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