ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has slapped Geo News with a show-cause notice on the behest of Ministry of Defence.

According to sources the notice was issued after Geo News violated the code of conduct invoking Article 29 of PEMRA Ordinance.

A day earlier, Ministry of Defence had lodged a complaint with PEMRA against Geo News.

According to a handout issued here, the ministry had provided the authority with hours-long relevant evidence that suggested the media group was involved in smearing the image of Inter Services Intelligence (ISI).

“The news channel has breached the code of conduct by accusing Director General (DG) of ISI Lt Gen Zaheerul Islam of masterminding the attempt on senior journalist Hamid Mir”, the statement said.

It had further said that action would be taken against the channel’s editorial and management team.

“All those who are involved in the mala fide broadcast, riddled with baseless allegations, will be taken to the task”, the statement made clear.

Geo News can go off air for an indefinite period of time if it fails to prove the accusations it leveled against the ISI, analysts say.

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