Pakistani Nation is Anti Malala – Ground reality differs

There’s a huge difference the way world see Malala and the way Pakistani Nation does – In our society majority is against the Media and the tactics played by them ever since Private Local Media Channels emerged they portrayed very weird image of Pakistani Culture, Malala was not known to the masses in Pakistan before this incident.

Malala Day, Makes no sense in Pakistan, one of the reason is, she is not Pakistani anymore, neither she represents Pakistan – most commonly it is believed in Pakistan it was clear pre-planned setup by well-known CIA just to divert the masses from the actual situation in Pakistan, It is not just me but together as we I am sharing with the world since INCPak is the voice of the people and we are determined to be loyal and faithful first to ourselves before others.

Our Media never shows what people actually says but even our journalists are well tagged as Yellow / Green / Blue Journalists, majority gets funded which is way the voice of the ordinary never reaches out of the box, Pakistani Nation is well aware of what’s happening around them but by banning the You Tube specially it’s like disconnecting from the rest of the world which is really painful, but Malala subjectively never even bothered to returned back to Pakistan – I wouldn’t say to Home Town cause she is no longer holding Pakistani Nationality.

You only see what your eyes what to see – that’s how the story goes over here, being among the people, talking to them knowing their view INCPak is doing the best it can, not only for the people here in Pakistan but across the world, Things are entirely different when one views them being the insider, Judging the nation from the media’s point of view would be totally wrong and unacceptable.


And oh yes, still being ‘recommended’ for the Nobel Peace Prize

Who Deserves ???

On Sharing Is Caring, Facebook Page I asked the members about Malala and Just the way they reacted pasting it below. The Point is Not why Abusive reaction, but focus on why are they Anti Malala .

Sharing Is Caring 

Nasir A Aziz     #AgentMalala

Noor Ahmed Khan  Faree bhai there are alot of Malalas in our country which are not focused but our dear Media is making Malala famous there are poor class girls i think they face alot of troubles then her why we do not make them ideal why just Malala because she belongs to a rich class.

 Have you ever seen a girl get shot for going to school? I haven’t? Do you know of any parents who prevent their daughters from going to school? I haven’t. But apparently in Pakistan girls can’t go to school…I guess all those govt. primary schools with 300 girls per class are a big hoax, they simply don’t exist, we’ve only imagined them. Parents actually send their daughters on kitty parties every single day. #WorldBullShitDay
via Abu Shalwar

Cħẳwķołậty Hero Sorry to all Malala’s fans that I hate that girl because of most praise of her. She couldn’t do anything but write a diary which probably not tough for other to do so. Only she provide a platform to her diary with media. She came in the glance of taliban

Bahram Jahangir Bro! She is not Pakistani anymore. Bitch…..

youngest CIA agent – aLi 🙂

will be updating more….


Bare The Truth 

Mohammad Ali Kaizer

MalalaYousafzai proved that in her #UN speech by naming ‘Lord’ Jesus, Mandela, Buddha and Jinnah but missed out the name of Seal of the Prophets #Muhammad (SAWW) who championed the rights of #women in humanity. If she had taken his sacred name her birthday wouldn’t have been celebrated in UN the way it was done today. She gained worldly glory by omitting his sacred name.or if she mentioned the PROPHET (SAW). then there was no need to take jesus, or anyone else name. because nobody has given the perfect lesson except Prophet (SAWW).

That’s quite shameful as a Muslim. My request to all young Muslims (especially females) is not to fall prey to this naked propagation of secularist agenda and think about thousands of Pakistani children who are killed or made handicapped by #US drones and nobody even bothers to count their bodies. One more question: What has Malala achieved for any Pakistani except settling herself and her family in Western countries?

Fawad Khan · Lahore, Pakistan

Being from Medical profession I really fail to understand how she recovered so well and so fast after the so called bullet injury to the head. As soon as she recovered from anesthesia she asked for a pen! I mean seriously? Either I am so dumb or perhaps PMDC should be sued for registering me. Its a tactic to hide the ugly face of US and NATO. Hundreds of innocents have died in Drone attacks and media simply chooses to ignore it. Lets suppose for a moment that Malala was really shot in the head by Taliban. She survived and became a celebrity. But what about the survivors of Drone attacks without an arm or a leg or both? Why UN doesn’t let them come forward? Because they’ll tell the world that they are the victims of US Drones.

Who are we kidding! All of us know what happened. If Taliban are so dumb that they cannot shoot a girl from point blank range then how come whole US army despite its best efforts hasn’t been able to wipe them off the region even after a decade! No one wants to come on media and show enough courage to say it. Problem is that media is not only biased but shows only the stories and footage which it thinks would improve its ratings. Its all about money.

Just watch the news, you’ll hear the views from people of Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar or Quetta, but is that all? If we take into account the population ratio, these cities perhaps will have maximum of 10 percent of the Pakistani population combined. Even from these cities the views that best suits a particular channel will be shown by that channel.. What about the views of the rest of Pakistanis? General view of our public is not in the favor of Miss Malala. She is now considered to be a foreigner. Putting it simply, I challenge her to roam the streets of Peshawar without any security, I bet she won’t survive that.

First of all let me clearly mention this, No matter which Political force they vote or favor, being the Part of Sharing Is Caring Facebook is being the Part of  PAKISTAN – Keeping Pakistan in upfront, views are not edit because we want the world the know that Malala does not represent Pakistan at any Level and if she has something against Taliban then US and Pakistan Army are already dealing with it, Do not give the Fake Name and Fake Fame – Many other News Sources from Pakistan mentioned Happy Malala Day where as the truth is the common ordinary Pakistani still suffering from Load shedding and other shortages of Resources even the survival is one the stake for ordinary Pakistani, on one hand target killing in Karachi / Sectarian violence / Suicide Bombing / Street Crime and on the other Government Taxes, Common  Doesn’t even remember who she is but the way world outside see her – She ain’t the daughter of Pakistan.

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