Humble request to the visitors to help and share this post, A 22 months old little princess has been diagnosed with Kidney failure and father is unable to bare the expenses – we should do whatever is possible for us to highlight this on social media so people can help her out.

The Appeal posted by her Father is un-edit along with the contacts kindly reach out and help if possible or share with the person who can.


Assalam-o-alikum. Sir I am a father of 22 months old girl Urwa who is been diagnosed with kidney failure( just visited you in evening). I have searched all hospitals in Islamabad Rawalpindi for her treatment, the only hospital which is offering the service of dialysis for this age group is shifa international. She is under treatment there for almost last 1.5 month but by now the afford-ability of treatment here is getting tougher and tougher for me. It is not needed to mention how expensive Shifa international is but we don’t have any other place to go. She is in ICU for 4th time in this short period of 1.5 month and the hospital charges goes in lakhs every time. What I had I have been spent on treatment. I requested to doctor twice for making concession
but they totally refused.

The only way I have by now is to appeal PM or any other person who can help us and take the responsibility of treatment. I request you to publish my appeal in news paper and your social networks. The registration number of the patient at shifa international is 00026695

Waqar Rasul
Contact# 03215259985 and  03005259985

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  1. I think SIUT Hospital in Karachi has this facility for kids as well and its 100% free and by far best treatment facility in Pakistan. Prof Adeeb Rizvi runs it.


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