Pakistani Hackers just hacked 28 more Indian Sites and said  1 Pakistani Site = 100 Indian sites, A warning and retaliation started right after Indian Hacker hacked and Abused Islam and Pakistan, the ongoing Cyber battle caused damage to Indian sites.

In This Cyber age : Cyber Jihad continues, No Muslim would tolerate at any cost !

Message by Hacker :- 

You Abuse Our Religion…..
And U think That We Will Quite…
Han I Think U Drunk…:)
Here Is The KING Power
From P4k!$74n H4x0r$ CR3W
[#]FeeL The Power Of PakistaN[#]
1 Paki Site = 100 India Sites
This Time Its Warning After That No Website Will Work
28 Indian Sites Hacked

Here’s the List :-


With the mirror links, just incase if you don’t know !

This is what happens when you spark the fire ! it comes wild……..


Kindly do not abuse anyone’s religion, for Islam any Muslim can sacrifice his life, which is known as Jihad so be careful next time before you open your mouth and say something wrong, Respect other’s belief same as you yours that’s more gentle rather than abusing and showing your upbringing ! INCPak Continuously reporting and we are covering as much as possible

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