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Imran Khan addressing National Assembly 4th November 2013

Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf Chairman addressing National Assembly 4th November 2013

Imran Khan and Ch.Nisar both have good understanding and knows that, this time they have to tackle the issues together, else Pakistan has no other choice, Imran Khan clearly said that KP will stop NATO Supplies after 20th November 2013 even till the extend he said, he is ready to talk with JUI-F Chief  Mulana Fazul-ul-Rehman since both party leader having a good history of disputes.

Indeed, It is true when ever Pakistan stepped ahead to negotiate with TTP, US Drone attack messed up, considering the recent attack in which TTP Chief got killed made next to impossible for Pakistan because neither the Operation in Tribal area going to restore peace nor these drone attacks, specially when United States is negotiating with Talibans in Afghanistan why Pakistan cannot.

National Assembly 4th November 2013



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