Islamabad Psycho Sikandar finally arrested – Exclusive video footage

Islamabad Psycho Sikandar is shot in his leg after Zamurd Khan (a former Minister) tricked him while he pretended to make negotiation with the psycho and his family. I am so happy that his kids are safe that he put on high risk, kids look so scared, hurt my heart. Although, It’s a pretty violent story. It tells us how simply one voice can make a big difference if they stand up for it. On the other hand, he didn’t give up till the end. 5 hours Media crap, competing for ratings, news, drama, It ended. It raises lots of questions in our Country. At the end of the day, It’s our Country’s image which suffers the most, these psycho & high rating lover media is degrading our country’s image.

OK, so there is an attention seeker psycho Using a woman and two children as human shield, an armed man, demanding the imposition of Shariah system in Pakistan and the ouster of the incumbent government, continues to hold fast to the standoff he started hours ago. What a drama. WTF! He’s doing all this drama in one of the most important and well secure places in Islamabad. SMH Harts off to our security forces. Above both paragraphs are the status of Snober Abbasi – INCPak Team member , who suffered yesterday while the drama continued in the Red zone – If I am not mistaken even the passenger plane is not allowed in RED ZONE , it’ll be knock down within no time but this weirdo stood there for more than 6 hours and instead Police uses tear gas to bring him down they waited for entire drama and negotiated – well our beloved media played gained ranking, ain’t no doubt – so eventually how it ended – Check out the Video – Seriously our politicians and public can break the record of Holly Bolly Molly Anywood.

That was ShArkY ShaRkY , wasn’t it – honestly wasn’t expecting such crap from capital police at all –  Wondering who’s production was it, but it was surely very cheap low life and low budget, nevertheless party ain’t over fellas – let’s expect to hear from the government and other approachable media fellas to do Dog Bark Show on this to dig and find out why was he acting that way.
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