Jasmeen Manzoor resigned from Saama TV Pressure of Ameen Lahkani

The Letter  Email By Jasmine Manzoor she has mentioned clearly the reason for all to know.

Dear friends,  just to let you know personally I have resigned from Samaa ! God bless you all
No other channel ! I raised my voice for the hindu community but my show has been stopped from airing by Pemra and builders mafia ! Builders Mafia wins I loose ! Power of mr ameen Lakhani wow ! Now I know who controls pemra media and fauj Amin lahkani sent his men to my office threatened my staff put pressure of me but when I refused he threatened the channel ! Could not fight the builder mafia am sorry friends no one wants to see the truth thank you for kind wishes !
Am not surprised that neither of the political parties have condemned the Mafia s act ! So much for democracy where is mqm ppp and anp now ?
The show was stopped from airing today on samaa because the builders issued a stay order from court the channel had no choice !
Show will has been stopped by the Court !
Samaa supported me all the way but the builders issued a stay order from high court restraining the show from airing !
I will fight the system Inshallah you will all see the show soon !I don’t know the group some guy called Ameen Lahkani. Saama Channel supported me all the way ! Till we received the HC order at 6 pm.
Thank you all for your support
Jasmeen Manzoor

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